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Building a solid partnership

Every project we undertake at Habitat is unique and that’s what drives our team to deliver the very best! To do so, we like to build strong partnerships with our customers. We strive to understand and meet your operational needs and your design and build requirements, and we go out of our way to find solutions and ensure the project meets (or exceeds) your expectations in terms of budget and schedule. We see every project as an opportunity to build a strong foundation for a long-term partnership with you. Every day we go above and beyond to uphold our mission through demonstrating our expertise, our ability to adapt and to find innovative solutions, and by regularly checking in to make sure every project is running smoothly. Our attention to detail has earned us trusted status with all of our customers, from SMEs to major Canadian retailers.

Collaborating to adapt to your needs

We’re here to guide you, support you and advise you throughout your renovation, extension and construction projects. To do so, we offer three types of collaborations based on your budget, your needs and your degree of involvement.


As general contractors, we are committed to delivering your project based on the plans and specifications you provide. With our fixed-cost projects, our teams will handle project management from the start of the build right through to delivery, including the management of suppliers and subcontractors. We always deliver on time and you’ll never pay a cent more than the amount listed on the quote you accepted prior to commencing the project.


The biggest advantage of our construction management projects is that we develop a truly collaborative partnership with you. Our team of project managers will work closely with you, checking in regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly, on time and not going over budget based on the plans and specifications you provide. With our construction management projects, you play a key role in the decision-making process, you can follow each stage of construction/renovation, get a first-hand look at the project’s development, discuss the ins and outs with our experts, and ensure your project stays as close to your original budget as possible. Our construction management projects are a great opportunity for you to receive guidance from our reliable team as we manage the work site, suppliers and subcontractors.


With our design-build projects, we take care of everything. We’ll have plans drawn up, plan the project, choose the suppliers and subcontractors, carry out the work, handle any legal issues, and more. We’ll be the only team you need to deal with throughout your whole project, from design to delivery. Ensuring your project stays consistent, optimized and efficient.

Leveraging the right tools to increase efficiency

Project management software, collaborative tools, new construction methods and more — technological tools are used with increasing frequency in the construction sector to increase profitability, efficiency and transparency. Constantly striving to provide the best service we can, Habitat uses the following tools to optimize our projects.

Integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our teams are being trained in building information modelling for construction projects. Integrating this approach into our practices has many advantages. By using 3D digital models, technical information is better structured leading to improved construction project management. BIM enables us to foresee any technical inconsistencies and identify any potential problems before construction starts, resulting in higher quality and more cost-effective builds as we can prevent having to correct costly, time-consuming problems on-site. Overall, BIM is an added value for our projects, enabling our teams to better design, better communicate and better understand data from start to finish.

Management Software

We’ve been using a cloud based construction management software for our projects for some time now. This software program enables us to manage work sites in real time. What’s more, it’s collaborative and designed to be used on-site! As our teams and partners have access to the most up-to-date information available, everyone involved in a project can see the tasks that need to be accomplished daily, helping us stay on track and preventing jobs from being completed twice. This construction management software helps us quickly identify any potential issues and their impact on our schedule and budget, preventing any nasty surprises later down the line. Incorporating this software tool into our practice has enabled us to optimize projects and become even more efficient.



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