Villa des Buissonnets - Gaspé

A technical challenge building on a mountain side

Habitat was hired to construct a 62-unit social housing building in Gaspé called the Villa des Buissonnets. This was a major project with plenty of technical challenges, due in particular to the building’s location on a mountainside. Because of the difference in elevation due to the mountain’s slope, you enter the building on a different floor depending if you come in from the front or the back. From the front door you step onto the first floor, and from the back you stop onto the third floor. We had to reinforce the foundations to make this structural layout possible. We also created three geothermic wells to optimize the building’s energy efficiency levels.

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119, rue Saint-Pierre Matane (Québec) G4W 2B6

Licence RBQ: 2427-9713-75

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