Metis Beach School - Métis

A major project creating a stimulating and inspiring school setting

The extension project at Metis Beach School (carried out by the Eastern Shores School Board) was a major 9-million-dollar project. With a modern architectural style that fits into its environment, spacious classrooms, large windows, soundproofing and hi-tech materials, this school is a stimulating and inspiring learning environment. Our work consisted of creating seven new classrooms, one gymnasium, one gym, one science and technologies lab, one workshop, and three rooms in the basement which can be used as classrooms in the future, across 40,000 sq. ft. and three floors. The aim was to provide teachers and students with a learning environment that welcomes the outside in, by increasing the natural light. It is an incredibly attractive architectural project that promotes learning for the school’s students. From a technical standpoint, one of the biggest challenges of this project was the underground structure as part of the building was built on stakes and another part on rock. The water table was very high, which also caused a challenge concerning watertightness. We therefore had to apply a membrane to the foundations and concrete to prevent any ingress of water. This project has been nominated for a 2021 Cecobois Award of Excellence in the “institutional building over 1,000 m2” category.

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119, rue Saint-Pierre Matane (Québec) G4W 2B6

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