McDonald’s Restaurant - Gaspé

A major project our whole team can be proud of

Completed in 2017, Habitat completely renovated the McDonald’s restaurant in Gaspé to create an entirely new customer experience. This project included major renovation work: exterior siding, dining room, checkout/order counters, entrance, bathrooms, terrace extension and renovation, and overall makeover. We had to overcome two significant obstacles during this project. One, renovating the restaurant’s exterior to reflect McDonald’s branding but also in compliance with Gaspé’s construction code. And two, completing the renovation work while closing the restaurant for as little time as possible, given the town’s high-demand for fast food services. We managed to carry out all the work and only close the restaurant for 10 days, resulting in a very happy customer and a very proud team. Yet another great success for Habitat!

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119, rue Saint-Pierre Matane (Québec) G4W 2B6

Licence RBQ: 2427-9713-75

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