Cargo Restaurant - Matane

An exciting and original project with a storage container in the restaurant

When the Groupe Riôtel decided to makeover their Matane location, they chose to completely gut their existing restaurant to create a brand new one with a very unique style. Habitat created the brand new restaurant, Cargo. Inspired by Matane’s maritime and industrial heritage, Cargo has a look unlike any other restaurant in the region. We integrated a lot of raw materials: wood and metal, a shipping container that can be closed to create a private dining room, exposed ductwork on the ceiling, and more! With floor-to-ceiling windows facing out to the St. Lawrence River, our team managed to bring the outside in, creating a truly unique dining experience. The new space is unrecognizable, light years from the old design.

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119, rue Saint-Pierre Matane (Québec) G4W 2B6

Licence RBQ: 2427-9713-75

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