Canadian Tire - Tremblant

Eco-responsibility, innovation and partnership with a valued client = a source of great pride for the team

Here's an ambitious and highly innovative project built by HABITAT. The store, which is four times larger than its predecessor from 26,000 to 110,000 square feet, also features a green roof, a vegetated area that will reduce heat island effects. The integration of wood into the exterior structure also contributes to the eco-responsible nature of the project. The uniquely designed new building is in harmony with the local environment and offers an enhanced shopping experience in an airier space, with wider aisles. It blends perfectly with the Laurentians' nature-rich environment. A spectacular project for a long-standing customer whose trust we appreciate.

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119, rue Saint-Pierre Matane (Québec) G4W 2B6

Licence RBQ: 2427-9713-75

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